What is PEB ?

PEB is called Pre-Engineered Buildings, which are pre-designed and constructed using Metal structures and fabricated in various sites based on requirements. This type of building is constructed for industries, warehouses, hangers, workshops, etc.
The PEB is classified based on members;

Materials Used In PEB.

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Material Selection & Specification

The PEB members use different steel selections for Primary built-up, Secondary built-up, Bracing systems, and connecting materials. Cold-formed Z & C members may be used as secondary structural elements to fasten and support the external cladding. The build-up section for Flange and Web material for all PEB structures can be fabricated from high-grade steel plates of IS:2062, ASTM AS 572 50, and Grade 345m type.

Primary Members

The Primary members are the main load carrying and supporting members, the shape and size of the main members may vary based on applications. The primary members include the mainframe, columns, and rafters. The primary members are high load-carrying members, high-grade steel plate IS:2062, ASTM - AS572 50, and Grade 345MPa are the standard material selection for primary members.

Secondary Members

The secondary members are cold-formed like purlins, grits, and eave struts are used at intersections of the sidewalls and the roofs shall be cold-formed Z sections, in pre-engineered buildings normally cold form Z sections are used for secondary framing to achieve high strength and lower weight, it can be constructed with Galvanized high-grade steel A653 with the structural quality of Grade 50 or cold-formed steel with a minimum yield strength of 250/320 MPa.

Bracing Systems

Bracing systems which connect the main column to stabilize the distribution of stress, for roof and wall bracing structural components M.S Rod of ASTM A36 or ASTM A570 with yield strength 250 MPa can be used.


The PEB sheets are mainly roll-formed sheets used for roof and side walls. The selection of these materials is based on the transfer of wind force, materials can either be Galvanized coated steel conforming to ASTM A792M grade 345B or Aluminum conforming to ASTM B 209M (cold rolled- steel) with a tensile of 550 Mpa.

Structure connections

The Structural connections for primary and Secondary members, connecting materials, bolt connections, High strength bolts, and Rivets should withstand heavy stress. The material for primary members can be Gr.8.8, IS:3757& 1367, or ASTM -A325. And for the Secondary bolt connections specifications of Gr 4.6, IS:2367 & 1363 or ASTM-A307are used.

Advantages of PEB


PEB is constructed in various work environments and the material selection of PEB is based on the members of the building. PEB buildings are constantly constructed by using steel materials, the selection of steel may vary based on the. High-grade steel plates of IS:2062, ASTM AS 572 50, and Grade 345m type are used for all PEB structures. Galvanized high-grade steel A653 with Grade 250/320MPa used for Z & C sections.